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American Airlines began in 1926 with a flight piloted by Charles Lindberg carrying mail from St. Louis, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois. Soon thereafter, founder C.R. Smith was instrumental in bringing the DC-3, a plane that revolutionized aviation, into service. A legacy carrier, American Airlines continued to grow and expand routes over the decades that followed.

In 2013, American Airlines’ AMR Corporation and US Airways Group formed the American Airlines Group. Two years later, American and US Airways began operating as one airline. American Airlines is a member of the oneworld® alliance, which serves more than 1,000 cities in 160 countries.

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Ted Lawrence (courtesty,

American Airline seems to be canceling connection flights with no explanation

American Airline has a pattern of canceling the last flight of the day into Roanoke Va airport and not giving traveling customer reasons for the flight cancellation.

Sumeet (courtesty,

Horrible Experience

Hello Sir,
I have sent American Airlines this email (below). Please look at this. I am done with airlines in this country. One of the worst I have seen in the worls.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you with extreme regrets that my faith in AA is completely lost. You don’t really care about customer relations. On top of that, the amount of mental/emotional harassment that we had to go through, is unexplainable.
I have seen several times that you overbook the flights when seriously, with advent of technology, it can clearly be avoided. You don’t even have enough staff at airports to run things smoothly. Let me tell you what I went through:
1) First my flight from Cedar Rapids to Chicago was delayed by 3 hours. You know how far Chicago is from Cedar Rapids? Just 30 minutes if we go by air. This has happened to me twice. You know airlines from other countries are carrying passengers on their transatlantic flights without delays, cancellations and excellent customer service. Its about time you visit those countries and take a lesson on how to provide a valuable customer service.
2) Then, you let everyone board the plane but somehow manage to find an excuse to not take off. We had to wait for take-off on tarmac for 2 hours and on top of that, pilot doesn’t even announce periodically what is going on. This was agonizing for so many passengers. I purposely selected this flight because I had 3 hour layover at Chicago and I was going to meet my friend whom I had not met in past 8 years but because of delays caused by American Airlines, I will have to wait for another couple of months to see one of my best friends. And don’t even tell me it was weather related delay. It was sunny! You clearly either didn’t have pilots or planes to provide the service and yet, you booked us knowing very well that your services are not adequate in any way. I reached Chicago Airport at 5:30 PM when I was supposed to reach there around 2:30 PM. But this was just the beginning
3) Then while waiting for my next plane out of Chicago to Newark, you very cleverly increased delay by 15-20 minutes at one time so that customers don’t cancel with you and fly with any other airlines because when you incrementally delay flights by 15 minutes, customers are more likely to stay with that particular airline in order to reach their destination. Whereas, if you had displayed from the beginning that it was 2-3 hours delay, customers were more likely to look for other options to reach their destination.
4) Then we boarded the plane at 8:30 pm, 2.5 hours after scheduled time and same thing happened. You boarded us and then sat on tarmac for next 2.5 hours. 2.5 hours!! For what? No one knows. Your crew failed to provide any update. There was no weather delays again. After 2.5 hours, pilot turned the plane back to gate telling that he has completed his hours and couldn’t fly. Wow! Tell me about commitment levels displayed by American Airlines. Clearly, there is nothing American about your airlines anymore.
5) Then, I was told bags will arrive at carousel 6 and they were arrived at carousel 7 instead. Your ground staff in baggage claim area didn’t even have a clue that my flight was cancelled. When I asked about where is my bag, I gave him bag ticket and he was like “what was texture of your bag, what was color of your bag”? What sort of ridiculous questions they were? You identify baggage by texture or by ticket number/name?
6) Then you failed to give any dinner food vouchers and $7 for breakfast. $7? Seriously? What do we get in 7 US dollars now-a-days? You even failed to appease your customers.
7) Now, I had to skip my whole day at work. That potential loss is about $400-500. My boss probably won’t be happy because I skipped an important customer meeting. That’s whole another ordeal.
8) Also, you failed to put me on my destination flight. Instead you gave me LaGuardia flight from where I had to spend another $50-100 to rent a car, go to Newark Airport to pick up my car there.
9) You staff is not courteous at all.

I have flown through several airlines all over the world and this is absolutely the worst performance ever by any airline. I can’t even believe this is first world country and this is the status of airlines here. Probably, for you its all about money but we value customers relations and quality more. This same thing has happened to me twice in a row this year. First time, it happened, I cancelled my American Airlines credit card. Only reason I flew this time because I had miles that I could redeem. Now tell me one thing, I got that credit card in order to get 50,000 miles. That’s roughly $500 ticket. Now, how did that in anyways served me when I lost my work day and ended up losing $300-500 today because I get paid hourly. There was no net benefit to me in any way and on top of that, this extreme emotional and mental harassment was just unexplainable. Twice in a row! It wasn’t just me. Tons of other people were angry.
I know that this will probably fall on deaf ears. This time I am seriously fed up.
With further research, I have found out Delta airlines is much more committed and punctual as well as courteous. Unless you give me some serious refunds and vouchers in order me to fly with you again and see if your services have improved, good luck!
You are not just losing me, you are probably losing 10-15 other people.