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United Airlines is one of the United States’ original legacy carriers. With roots as United Aircraft and Transport Corporation, the company evolved into United Air Lines and was advertised as the “World’s Largest Air Transport System.”

Currently, United serves over 335 cities, of which 127 are international destinations. The route structure is very comprehensive. Nearly 87,500 people are employed by the airline. United is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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Jo Avery (courtesty, Gravatar.com)

United horrible service

After all the negative news attention about United, you think they would step up their whole attitude. If they were an employee, they would have already be fired! My friend just visited from Phoenix Arizona to Eureka Ca, her flight Friday was delayed 2 hours from take off PHX, another 1-2 hours from San Francisco scheduled to arrive ACV at 1130 actual time 136 am. All flight were full, no empty seats. Her return flight, yesterday was scheduled to leave at 1116 am. While we were in line, with our traveling friend, United made an announcement that all passsangers were accounted for and estimated to depart 15 minutes early. We watched her go through security, walked out to our truck, heard the airplane start up, checked the website, yes, departing early. 1230 pm we texted her to see if she landed safely…no answer. 142 pm, she called us, as she just landed. . The plane pulled out from the gate, headed to the run way, and sat for an hour. Not due to weather delay…just delayed! Her flight from SFO was scheduled to leave at 230 arrive 430. It was also delayed 1 1/2 hours, arriving PHX almost 600 pm. Why, are all the airlines ( United is the worst, in my opinion) allowed to charge outrageous rates and continuesly allowed to mistreat passengers and delay flights. Why is the FAA and or DOT not investing ALL companies, regulating the outrageous prices, controlling the “free for all attitude”? Everything about airline travel, has been out of control, for decades!!!

Randy Tkacs (courtesty, Gravatar.com)

The friendly skies

I’m not too sure if what United did could possible have any possible positive sides. What happened on your flight in Chicago, will go away but not be forgotten. You have lost the trust customers need to keep coming back.

Hubert Cumberdale (courtesty, Gravatar.com)

United Rocks My Face

Despite making this report, they also bash people’s faces in when they don’t voluntarily deplane to make way for over-entitled United employees. But that’ll be in next year’s report.